Sins of Two Fathers: A Novel (Paperback)

Thursday, July 27

Hank Tobin hit bottom.

Lower, Tobin thought, watching the white-bearded parkie spear a fast-food wrapper with the pointed pole and stuff it into the big, green Department of Parks garbage bag. I've sunk past the bottom into the subbasement of hell.

Book Description
You will now feel the pain I have felt for the past ten years, Hank Tobin. You are going to know what it is like to have your son suffer for the sins of his father, which is the worst pain any man will ever know.


James Patterson Denis Hamill knows New York City, he knows newspapers, and he knows how to write a complex, satisfying thriller. Sins of Two Fathers will touch your heart, but also make it race.

From Library Journal Hotshot journalist Hank Tobin, whose brutal expos wrecked one man's life, will soon discover the meaning of revenge-even as a mosque burns in Brooklyn. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

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