Long Time Gone : A Novel (Paperback - Jul 22, 2003)

After four loud rings he lifted the receiver, mumbled hello, and then Danny heard a gruff voice say, "Your father's dead..."

Book Description
Danny Cassidy couldn't remember if he'd killed the cop. So begins one man's journey through his fifty-year-old history and conscience in Long Time Gone, Denis Hamill's gripping novel set in the back streets and alleyways of Brooklyn, U.S.A. It's the year 2001 when Danny, a divorced journalist, returns to his old neighborhood for his father's funeral. He's spent all of his adult life trying to leave Brooklyn behind him -- along with all the drugs, music, and other psychedelic memories from the sixties spent on Hippie Hill. But now that the box of rain has been opened there's no turning back, and Danny must face some painful truths about the woman he used to love -- and her father, a police officer, whom he may or may not have killed. By turns a thriller, a detective story, and a coming-of-age tale, Long Time Gone is a bittersweet love letter to a lost New York that no reader will soon forget.


Karen Campbell with The Boston Globe
"An engaging tale....compellingly well paced and laced with a moderate dose of sex and violence, as well as threads of psychological probings and revelations that go well beyond the scope of routine whodunit fare."

New York magazine
"A vivid picture of the sixties...hazily remembered."

The Star-Ledger (Newark, New Jersey)
"Page-turning storytelling....Don't even bother to crack this book unless you have some time on your hands. It's that hard to put down."

From Library Journal" "Hamill (Fork in the Road) spins an engrossing tale with a host of sharply delineated characters and complications galore. Readers will enjoy the rich evocation of late-1960s Brooklyn as an extended dysfunctional family."

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