House on Fire : (1995)

It begins with a phone call from Polly, who never showed up for the surprise party Kevin so carefully orchestrated. She tells him that she is not coming back, that she is taking Zoe with her, that Zoe is not even his child. Kevin's world, everything he knows and loves, falls apart. In retreat, Kevin turns to his family, his job, and to booze. But Frank, Kevin's older brother, a New York City detective being investigated in a police corruption scandal, has secrets of his own - family secrets that propel him in his search for Polly and Zoe. A novel that explores the relationship between two emotionally damage brothers and the strong-willed women who love them, House on Fire accelerates with frightening speed as the chase moves across the country, and the characters become intertwined in a way that will alter all their lives forever. Denis Hamill has written a book that examines what happens to a man who has lost his sense of identity, and what happens to a family that, plagued with secrets, must pull together in a time of crisis.
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