Fork in the Road (Paperback)

December 20

Someone is picking my pocket, he thought. For Colin Coyne, the beginning, those first days in Dublin were indelibly suspended in time, always as immediate and vivid as a movie.

Maybe it wasn't a pickpocket, Colin thought, standing at the two-deep bar of the Shelbourne hotel, gagging down a pint of Guinness. Maybe it was just an accident, a bump in the crowd. He clutched the mug in his big right fist, hungover and jet-lagged after his first night on the town in Dublin.

Book Description
With this stunning literary portrait of ill-fated love played out amid the romantic squalor and violent underpinnings of contemporary Dublin and New York, Denis Hamill has crafted a work of greater resonance than anything he has yet written. When Colin Coyne, a young American filmmaker seeking aesthetic inspiration in Ireland, catches a pickpocket red-handed in a hotel pub, all it takes is one look into her dazzling eyes for him to fall hard. Purely for the sake of research -- or so he tells himself -- he hurtles headlong into the bewitching world of Gina Furey, a stunningly beautiful, iron-willed denizen of Dublin's gypsy criminal underground. Before he knows what's happening, he finds himself a star player in a Pygmalion-like relationship rich with dramatic film possibilities: the earnest Yankee auteur woos and wins the dangerous gypsy thief. But the tenuous lines separating art and reality soon dissolve and the neatly linear screenplay unfolding inside Colin's head is eclipsed by the brutal chaos and unpredictably of true life. By turns devastating and hopeful, bittersweet and hilarious, Fork in The Road is both a tragic love story and the riveting drama of one man's heartbreaking journey from exhilaration to desolation.


Frank McCourt, author of Angela's Ashes
As far as I know, this is the first time an American writer has dared grapple with an Irish inner city. No one has done it better.

Publishers Weekly
There is never a dull moment in this charming story...Hamill has perfectly captured the trill of an Irish brogue, and he loads the plot with remarkable twists, keeping readers in suspense until the final page of this lively, sad, humorous tale.

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