Ten Spot (2005) Bobby Emmet, the NYPD detective turned private investigator, returns in this mystery that showcases Hamill's very personal interpretation of New York City. Ten years ago, a woman was run down by a car, leaving behind three children. Now, one of her daughters comes to Bobby with a fistful of cash and a deadline. Bobby needs to find out who killed their mother. But he has to do it fast: her brother, who blames himself for his mother's death, has been trying to kill himself.
Empty Stockings: A Brooklyn Christmas Tale: (2003) Christmas 1963. A nation mourns the loss of its president. A young boy mourns the life his Irish-Catholic, working-class father never had. Rory Maguire is a fourteen-year-old boy looking for a better life for himself and his family in Brooklyn, New York. His father, Harry, had a terrible accident that cost him his job, his ability to walk, and his dignity. What Rory needs most this Christmas is a miracle .
Sins of Two Fathers: (2003) You will now feel the pain I have felt for the past ten years, Hank Tobin. You are going to know what it is like to have your son suffer for the sins of his father, which is the worst pain any man will ever know.
Fork in the Road: (2002) Someone is picking my pocket, he thought. For Colin Coyne, the beginning, those first days in Dublin were indelibly suspended in time, always as immediate and vivid as a movie.
Long Time Gone: (2002) Danny Cassidy couldn't remember if he'd killed the cop. So begins one man's journey through his fifty-year-old history and conscience in Long Time Gone, Denis Hamill's gripping novel set in the back streets and alleyways of Brooklyn, U.S.A. It's the year 2001 when Danny, a divorced journalist, returns to his old neighborhood for his father's funeral.
Throwing 7's (1999) Empire Island is not the home of liberty. It's no place for a prison. And no immigrants ever passed through its portals. Instead, the abandoned Coast Guard station on the windswept waters of New York harbor is ground zero for an idea whose time has come: casino gambling in the Big Apple. For Bobby, the fight over Empire Island gets personal when a young husband and wife mysteriously vanish from their downtown, rent-controlled Manhattan apartment. more
3 Quarters: (1998) Bobby Emmet was a desperate man, an honest New York City cop, framed for the murder of his fiancee, and given one last chance to save himself - by an unlikely benefactor. Bobby didn't murder his fiancee, Dorothea Dubrow, and then cremate the body - but he has an idea who is responsible. His murder trial interrupted his investigation of a police medical pension scam - and revealed how little he really knew about Dorothea. more
House on Fire (1995) Kevin Dempsey appeared to have it all: a beautiful wife named Polly; Zoe, his beloved little girl; a rewarding job as a firefighter; the comfort of a close-knit Irish family. But as he sits one night in the house that he has bought as a surprise for Polly, who is scheduled to return that evening from a trip with Zoe, everything he has - or thought he had - goes up in flames. more